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Kris Lamba was born in London in 1984. He creates large and small sculptures, paintings and editions. Avoiding traditional materials, he works with a variety of industrial biopolymers, which Lamba adapts while they are still molten, often at extreme temperatures. Using a combination of high energy, gravity, and a pioneering technique of „polymer stretching,“ he creates extraordinary forms that seem to resist reality and reflect the spontaneous and often violent moments of creation. Kris Lamba produces these as entirely new forms, but still retains the essence or „reality“ of the original material.


Lamba says about his creative process: „In this way, the material can become both the subject of my work and the object from which the work is created. In my paintings of fused polymer, the physical interaction of the material is integral to the process. As an artist, I work in partnership with its rhythm, adapting as the heated material reveals itself.“


Originally trained as a classical drummer, Lamba studied contemporary design. His sculptures can be seen as a rebellion against the limitations of working within tradition. Their spontaneous forms resist and re-work traditional artistic practice.

My art is to overcome something that reveals new truths.

Kris Lamba

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