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Since founding in 2012, Premium Modern Art has focused on modern and contemporary art, working closely with established and upcoming international artists. From the beginning, Premium Modern Art has supported painters, drawers, and sculptors who demonstrate exceptional talent, technical skill, and absolute creativity. Premium Modern Art stands for exceptional art.


Well-known artists from all over the world are represented by us, such as from the USA, Great Britain, Russia and Germany. We organize gallery exhibitions of contemporary and modern art with partner galleries worldwide, open to everyone. Premium Modern Art curates international exhibitions on museum level. In addition, we operate as publisher and editeur of our artists.


With our experience, we build significant art collections for our clients. Our passionate team, specialized in unique pieces and exclusive editions, works closely with our sales team and our clients to building collections of the highest quality. By keeping close relationships with museums and art experts worldwide, we sell artwork based on verifiable provenance.


We believe in the life enhancing potential of art and provide the best experience for our clients. We stand for excellence, confidentiality, quality and integrity. We handle all requests based on the highest level of privacy and personal service.

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art Karlsruhe 2023

Premium Modern Art auf der art Karlsruhe 2023

Mo. ‒ Fr.: 9.00 a.m. ‒ 5.00 p.m.

other visits by appointment.

Heuchelbergstr. 60, 74080 Heilbronn

Immanuelkirchstr. 4, 10405 Berlin

Sömmeringstr. 24, 50823 Cologne

Am Himmelreich 7, 79312 Emmendingen

Hohenstein 1b, 96482 Ahorn