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Ulrich Lipp was born in 1955 in the Allgäu region of Germany. He studied under Krieg and Koberling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf from 1978 and completed his studies in 1983. Since 1984 he has been working as a freelance artist.

Landscapes and Flowers

Lipp processes objects of nature in his painting. However, he does not depict them realistically, but paints them with an abstract style. Thus, the paintings sometimes more, sometimes less clearly suggest landscapes or flowers.

Color and Light

The artworks of Ulrich Lipp combine 2 important components in a very unique and incredibly intense creative process: color and light.
Sometimes abstract – sometimes figurative – sometimes impressionistic – sometimes expressionistic, all motifs have in common the power of the color surfaces from which the motifs are built.

The color areas vary between brush dots, color spots, light flakes and thoughtfully placed brushstrokes depending on the motif and mood. Lipp manages to bring movement into his works by playing with complementary colors – rarely mixed, mostly pure and juxtaposed in oil – so that the viewer’s eye is always on the lookout for the color counterpart or contrast to absorb the image.

Harmonious landscapes

Through the well thought-out use of color and color contrasts, the paintings exude a harmony and balance that evoke a cheerful and joyful feeling in the viewer. If one takes a step back, flowers and landscapes emerge from the color surfaces, which the artist paints not from nature, but from his memory. Nevertheless, the landscape depicted is quite familiar to the viewer. Even if the motifs seem arbitrary and interchangeable, they are clearly defined in their own way and they can be placed in a larger context.

A question of imagination

Since the artist dispenses with titles, the paintings tell their very own stories if the viewer allows his or her imagination to run free. Despite their superficial two-dimensionality, which is created by juxtaposing areas of color, the compositions have an incredible depth that only becomes clear when one looks at the paintings in depth. Whether flowers, landscape, horizon or non-figurative – the works of art captivate the viewer by their intensity and the radiation of pure joie de vivre. You could say they are balm for the soul, so to speak, the pole of rest in our increasingly fast-paced everyday life.



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